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Oak Tree Fine Press

Oak Tree Fine Press is a privately owned publishing company specializing in exceptional literary fiction

À Outrance, Ruscombe Edition - A Chink in the Armour

À Outrance, Ruscombe Edition - A Chink in the Armour

Philip Pullman - Chris Hicks

Chris was inspired to design a binding that would harmonise with the wood engravings. He developed a simple binding in white deerskin with onlays in morocco and tooling in silver. The deerskin is an unusual leather to use for binding and has a somewhat unevenly marked surface that suggests a snowscape. The black inlay of a line of mountains and the silver tooled dots as stars enhanced this idea. Chris has added a line of bear footprints in silver and a further onlay in red to suggest the blood of the battle. The bright endpapers add a further touch of colour as a foil for the mainly black and white theme of the binding and the book itself.

Price: £2,000.00