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Volume X First Chapter Series Midnight's Children by Salman Rushdie Volume X First Chapter Series Midnight's Children by Salman Rushdie

First Chapter Series ® Volume X

Salman Rushdie - Midnight’s Children

Artwork by Thomas Howard

The final signed volume in the current Booker Prize First Chapter Series© is Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children. Originally awarded the Booker Prize in 1981, this breathtaking narrative was awarded the Best of Bookers in 1993 and again in 2008, in separate ceremonies celebrating the 25th and 40th anniversaries of the Booker Prize.

This edition comes with a new introduction from Ion Trewin, acclaimed author and Administrator of the Booker Prize. We have also returned to our roots in choosing a frontispiece painted by an up-and-coming art student, rather than an established artist. Thomas Howard’s vibrant piece has earned its place in the series, providing an exciting visual mirror to the text.

Each numbered and illustrated book is individually signed by the author. The book is hand bound in stunning blue Brillianta cloth, matching the original 1981 Jonathan Cape book cover, and enclosed in a hand made cassette.

About Midnight’s Children

Midnight’s Children offers a magic carpet of a ride through the social history of modern India, embodied and experienced by a narrator born at the very second that India gained independence. Blazing a trail through fairy tale and fact, the opening pages of this book establish the dazzling storytelling skill and key themes that shape this uniquely ambitious story.

The literary map of India is about to be redrawn... What [English-language fiction about India] has been missing is... something just a little coarse, a hunger to swallow India whole and spit it out... Now, in ‘Midnight's Children,’ Salman Rushdie has realized that ambition.
New York Times

About the Artist: Thomas Howard

Thomas HowardThomas Howard is a student at Abingdon School in Oxfordshire, where he holds a Boxall Award scholarship for Art and Design. Inspired by both Rushdie’s narrative style and enduring elements of Indian culture, he has created a unique piece especially for this edition. Impressionist and modern approaches come together in a vivid symbolic painting, in which layers of meaning lead the viewer to a new awareness of variety and endless change.

All books from Oak Tree Fine Press are dedicated to children made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS.


Volume X in the First Chapter Series©is published as follows:
150 individually numbered hand bound copies signed and dated by Salman Rushdie. Presented in a matching hand made slip case and cassette.

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The First Chapter Series© of Booker Prize-winning novels is available to buy as a deluxe set limited to 150 copies. The set comprises individually numbered copies of all ten volumes, signed by the author to the title page and hand bound in cloth. Each volume includes signed artwork* enclosed with the book in a matching hand made slip case and cassette.
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*Please note the following exceptions: Volumes V and X do not come with separate signed artwork; artwork for Volume VIII is unsigned.

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All books from Oak Tree Fine Press are dedicated to children made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS.


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