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Philip Pullman, À Outrance

The Journey

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Kate Rochester - UK

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Kate's main inspiration came from the vast snowy landscape and the 'dust' described in the book. An old arctic map sprang to mind and to reinforce this she used reindeer vellum which fitted the feel of the north and vellum a material often used in the making of old maps. A Bradel style method of binding was used for the vellum. Kate was lucky enough to find some fine gold dust paper which she has used to beautiful effect under the transparent patches of the vellum. White leather covered in gold dust paper has been used on the head of the book and Kate cut out the leather so as not to lose the original shape of the vellum that would cover the rest of the book. The effect was to create wonderful mountain-like shapes suggesting the Arctic skyline. The rest of the gold dust paper was left under the vellum so that it would continue to give the effect of a mountainous landscape and of dust. The endpapers have bears footprints debossed, as if in the snow, and the edge decoration shows lines representative of the lines from Mercator's grid. Kate's determination to give the binding a real sense of the drama of the fight between Iorek and Iofur led her to Canada and to an Inuit family friend. Polar bear claws are very special in Inuit culture but when the project and the charitable goal were explained he agreed to part with one " long as you respect the animal's spirit and space .." And this accompanies the binding as a symbol of the journey and challenges both Lara and Iorek took for him to regain his throne.

Technical specification

Trim size: 250 x 340mm portrait
Extent: 48pp
Engravers: Andy English, Chris Daunt & Harry Brockway
Designer (text): Jo Hilton
Typesetting: Jo Hilton
Typeface(s): Adobe Caslon
Origination, Repro: Artwork prepared by Hurtwood and 16g zinc plates made by Alpha Engraving
Print process: Letterpress
Printer: Hand & Eye Letterpress
Bound, finished by: Kate Rochester
Text paper: Ruscombe Hand Made approx 130g
Paper supplier: Ruscombe Paper Mill
Encased in a Solander Box


Designers information

Kate Rochester



Further details

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