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Oak Tree Fine Press

Oak Tree Fine Press is a privately owned publishing company specializing in exceptional literary fiction
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Ruscombe letterpress art edition

Each book offers an exceptional example of how the artist has interpreted the book. The book has been meticulously printed letterpress by hand on traditional cast iron Heidelberg Press one sheet and one colour at a time on paper handmade at the famous Ruscombe Mill in France.

In addition to signing each book, the author has inscribed in longhand a piece of text taken from the original novel.

Each volume is accompanied by a separate set of the six powerful woodcut images used within the book, printed on the same Ruscombe paper and separately encased. Each print has been signed by the author and artist, to create a set suitable for framing.


Joan Byers - Canada

“Unbound” reflects the vast, open white space being freed from evil. Full printed alum goat skin in ivory white with raised images of the two fighting bears, Iorek Byrnison on the front cover and Iofur Raknison on the back...

Price: £2000


Follow Me

Terhi Hursti - Finland

Terhi felt the call of the story so strong hence her title “Follow Me” – the invitation beckons you to follow the author “behind the doors” on the solander case and into the secret of the story where the bear is waiting...

Price: £2000


A Chink in the Armour

Chris Hicks - UK

Chris was inspired to design a binding that would harmonise with the wood engravings. He developed a simple binding in white deerskin with onlays in morocco and tooling in silver. The deerskin is an unusual...

Price: £2000


Bear Claw

Monique Lallier - USA

Inspired by the gold claws of the bear, this binding is in tan, full goat skin leather, with drop spine technique and onlays of hand made decorative paper. It has light green endpapers and the clamshell box has decorative...

Price: £2000


Starry Night

Rachel Ward-Sale - UK

The contrasting colours of the text, the texture of the paper, as well as the subject matter influenced Rachel's choice of materials and design which reflect a winter landscape with snowy mountains under a starry night sky...

Price: £2000


A King Reclaims his Crown

Don Taylor - Canada

Don likes to use his own paste papers in his design bindings. As these tend to be impressionistic leaving the reader to use his or her own imagination Don felt that he needed something else to convey immediately...

Price: £2000


Crimson Battle

Kathryn Rushe - UK

"As I unwrapped the pages for the first time, I was immediately captivated by the feel of the paper, the beautiful printing and the marvellous engravings. I knew this book would be a pleasure to bind!"...

Price: £2000