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Philip Pullman, À Outrance

Breaking Wave

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Amy Borezo - USA

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The relationship between Lyra and Iorek Byrnison and how they communicate with each over a long distance fascinated Amy when she was designing her binding. She also wanted to highlight the icy landscape in which the story is set as well as the high contrast radial lines of the wood engravings. Beige coloured fair goatskin is dyed pink and red - the red being the featured second colour in the books printing indicating the undercurrent of violence in the story. The red dye on the fair goatskin fades to pink as it approaches a horizon line two-thirds of the way up the cover, evoking the spectacle of the Northern Lights. There is a sweeping, wave-like motion connecting the silhouette of Lyra's head on the back cover to the silhouette of the damaged bear on the front. Iorek is both travelling forward over an arctic landscape while simultaneously breaking down, falling apart, becoming wounded. Both figures are goatskin leather onlays. The wave is formed by a series of lines that are first blind tooled and then filled with black goatskin leather onlays. These lines echo the high contrast lines in the wood engravings. A secondary series of lines above the horizon line is created by slightly dampening the leather and blind tooling with a heated fillet wheel, which subtly darkens the fair goat to a light tan colour. The binding is a three-piece construction - the spine is black goatskin with a simple gold title. The book is completed with red leather endbands and red Moriki endsheets.

Technical specification

Trim size: 250 x 340mm portrait
Extent: 48pp
Engravers: Andy English, Chris Daunt & Harry Brockway
Designer (text): Jo Hilton
Typesetting: Jo Hilton
Typeface(s): Adobe Caslon
Origination, Repro: Artwork prepared by Hurtwood and 16g zinc plates made by Alpha Engraving
Print process: Letterpress
Printer: Hand & Eye Letterpress
Bound, finished by: Amy Borezo
Text paper: Ruscombe Hand Made approx 130g
Paper supplier: Ruscombe Paper Mill
Encased in a Solander Box


Designers information

Amy Borezo - Shelter Bookworks

Tel: (001) 978 413 6557




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