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Philip Pullman, À Outrance


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Kaori Maki - UK

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A fight to the death - that's how Kaori first felt when she read the text and she has expressed this in her binding. She has used alum-tawed goatskin, paper cray, Japanese kozo paper and ostrich shin leather combined with acrylic paint and gold printmaking ink. The binding uses unsupported link stitch, hand stencilled endpapers and leather headbands with gold leaves. The sculpted front board has been covered with the goatskin and ostrich leather. The colour is crucial, the white of the polar bear and the gold of the 'dust' from the story. Kaori chose ostrich shin leather to be the armour of Iorek Byrnison, the scale and shape of the leather piece look exactly like a helmet.

Kaori would like to show her thanks to Mark Winstanley from the Wyvern Bindery for his much appreciated support.

Technical specification

Trim size: 250 x 340mm portrait
Extent: 48pp
Engravers: Andy English, Chris Daunt & Harry Brockway
Designer (text): Jo Hilton
Typesetting: Jo Hilton
Typeface(s): Adobe Caslon
Origination, Repro: Artwork prepared by Hurtwood and 16g zinc plates made by Alpha Engraving
Print process: Letterpress
Printer: Hand & Eye Letterpress
Bound, finished by: Kaori Maki
Text paper: Ruscombe Hand Made approx 130g
Paper supplier: Ruscombe Paper Mill
Encased in a Solander Box


Designers information

Kaori Maki

Licentiate in the Designer Bookbinders


Further details

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