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Beloved By Toni Morrison

Open Book

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Beloved – Volume 1 of the Open Book series

Toni Morrison

Open Book is a new series from Oak Tree Fine Press, presenting the work of the world's foremost authors as book art in an exquisite concertina format. Each book is signed by the author.

We are pleased to announce that the first volume in the Open Book series is Toni Morrison's Beloved. Printed letterpress and signed by the author, this superb illustrated edition presents the haunting final chapter of Morrison's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel.

The single best work of American fiction published in the last 25 years
New York Times 2006

Beloved follows the story of Sethe and her fellow ex-slaves of the ironically named Sweet Home farm as they try to rebuild their lives after escaping slavery. The story is haunted by the ghost of Sethe's daughter, Beloved, who was murdered under appalling circumstances eighteen years before. Morrison weaves together their traumatic experiences, and in doing so provides a collective voice for the “disremembered and unaccounted for,” speaking both the private and public trauma of the slave trade.

The concertina design reflects Morrison's exploration of collective experience in the form of the book itself. View large image

OPen Book Series Toni Morrison - Beloved

Down by the stream in back of 124 her footprints come and go, come and go. They are so familiar. Should a child, an adult place his feet in them, they will fit. Take them out and they disappear again as though nobody ever walked there.

By and by all trace is gone, and what is forgotten is not only the footprints but the water too and what is down there. The rest is weather. Not the breath of the disremembered and unaccounted for, but wind in the eaves, or spring ice thawing too quickly. Just weather. Certainly no clamor for a kiss.”

Letterpress volume

This letterpress edition was produced with painstaking care by Patrick Randle at Nomad Letterpress in Whittington, using a traditional FAG Proof Press.

Beloved artworkArtwork

Morrison's words are illustrated with 4 stirring prints by up-and-coming South African artist Ezekiel Mabote. You can find out more about the artist and his work at


This book is published as a signed edition of 200. Each book measures 10 x 20cm, stretching to 1.7m, and is printed letterpress in Bell on Zerkall mould made paper. This is enclosed in a hand bound Brillianta cloth cover secured with a ribbon.

All books from Oak Tree Fine Press are dedicated to children made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS.

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